Motto: In God We Distrust


Nova Scotia, Canada, North America, Earth




28,421.48 km2 (10,973.6 sq mi)


Roughly half a billion.

Government Style:

Parliamentary with self governing bodies in Weirdonia


English, Freaklish, Weirdian, Latin, Brospeak

Beatly Islands are islands (derp) off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, that double as a set of five mega cities. The first city is obviously Beatly which covers half of two islands and 3 others. The second city is Rellington which is the north west island beside Downtown and the Radioactive Forest. The third city is Lemmington which covers roughly half of the landmass shared by the Suburbs. The fourth city is to the south and is known as San Andreas. The fifth city is also a Weirdo made island in the middle known as the Weirdonia Islands.

Early History

Beatly was colonized during The War of 1812 (and 13, 14, 15?) by 50 sailors and a cargo ship full of guns, gunpowder and women. The sailors were heading back to Canada from the war, when they spotted land far off the coast of Nova Scotia that was seemingly ignored by previous explorers. Thanks alot Jacques Cartier.

The sailors had to pick up their captain from Newfoundland to legally dock, but seeing as he wasn't around and they wanted to find somewhere to get plastered, they landed their ship at these 5 islands (Weirdonia Islands are to come much later and San Andreas wasn't cool enough) and started building where Downtown is now located. They put together their own self government and the population started to multiply. Eventually half of the island was covered, so the Democraticly elected mayor built ships to sail to the other 4 islands to build civilization in 1856. Shockingly in 1872, the population had already doubled for a whopping 234,682 people. This is when Beatly began taking shape, houses were built, as well were roads. Extremely large mills and weaving factories were built in the location of present day Cargo Town, and the natives of present day Beach Town opened up a brewery for their Carribbean style rum that they have been selling to settlers for the past 50 years.

Since no one in other countries knew about Beatly, they never knew what inventions had been made there. Beatly was the first location ever to have had street lamps, using the highly flammable sand of Kitty Island's desert as the fuel. The first car was invented in Beatly and it ran on this sand in 1903. It was 100% fuel effecient, and the sand that was melted from the burning went into a seperate tank, where it would later make products such as windows and other glass things.

The year 1912, when the Titanic sank, a Dinghy from Beatly was rowing through the bodies of the people. They took all the people which were alive just before another dinghy came by. They wrapped these people in blankets and sailed them to Beatly. Where they made a full recovery and lived with the people already there.

Modern beatly

Beatly was very far ahead of the times, It had amazing super computers by 1940, and a 5 star ski resort at Kitty Mountain by 1953. The supercomputers allowed the manipulation of human DNA. Which would result in deformaties because no one knew what they were doing. Which is when the twisted side of the humans in Beatly came to be very real. Tensions exploded in 1966 during The Freak Crisis when they began to overpopulate Beatly. The government created Weirdos to combat them and initiated a continuing Freak Holocaust by throwing these deformed people into the valley of Twisted Cliff in The Outskirts where they would be left for dead.

Weirdos rebelled and fled Earth for the Weirdo Homeplanet dubbed 'Weirdian' and lived there for a decade or so. When scout Weirdo YYY returned for intel purposes, he was given orders to build the Weirdonia Islands as a back up plan in case the Weirdos could not hold off the invading Lowdawodas in in the Weirdonian-Lowdawoda War. When the Destruction of Weirdian happened, astroids pounded earth and altered the Canadian climate forever with the exception of Beatly. There were two massive refugee surges into Beatly during this time which brought Beatly up to it's overcrowded level it is at now. The first one was the Canadian Fugee Crisis of humans moving into Beatly and the Weirdo Fugee Crisis which led to the creation of the Under Dome of Weirdonia.

This Under Dome was a massive bubble that thrived underneath of the Weirdonia Islands and housed it's population. (The only ones that live on the surface are old colony Brown Weirdos.) This didn't last long however until a baseball game against the Tokyo Tits led to the accidental flooding of most of the dome which is dubbed as the Big Drip of 87'. This event killed thousands of Weirdos and once again led to another small but impacting refugee crisis. As the Weirdos were numbered down in population, they lived on the Islands for awhile but not all of them fit and they especially didn't want those dirty native Weirdos to clog up space so they limited their population by sending low class Orange Weirdos away to the ghettos of the Suburbs along side Brown and Black ones.

This provoked an ensuing Weirdo-Human War however. While the low class was sent away to clog up human territory, the middle and upper class Weirdos thought nothing of it and enjoyed a nice long vacation as the Sky Blue Weirdos cleaned up the mess below. They were caught in a suprise attack from a Stick Marines Unit that was led by Commander Oink Oink and family man George W. Bush but were countered and the island of Weirdonia was safely defended. The war ended when Weirdos attempted to invade mainland Beatly but failed miserably when they got distracted by the wonders of TV. The aftermath of it all left the Weirdonia Islands under human control however they were given autonomous status within the nation to govern themselves and be left in peace.

The Sectors

Beatly is divided into many sectors each with something special to it. Within each sector there are districts as well.
Beatyly Overview

Outline of Beatly with it's different sections.

Lemmington Island (A, M, I)

Rellington Island (B, J, N)

Kitty Island (F, E, G)

Isle of Beaches (C)

Cargonian Island (D, L, K)

Weirdonia Islands (H)

H - Weirdonia Islands

San Andreas (O)

O - San Andreas


Each city (Beatly, Rellington, Lemmington, Weirdonia Islands, San Andreas) is run by a mayor who work together as heads of state for the self governing city state of Beatly. Confused? Let me explain. Beatly as a whole with each of the 5 cities together form a self governing city state that is in the sovereignty of both Canada and the US. (San Andreas is the US one.) Within this city state as well, is the also self governing Weirdos who are controlled by King Weirdo A and the Weirdonian Parliament. This is the product of the Weirdo-Human War. Currently, George W. Bush runs Beatly as he has been for years because not only is he exiled from every country, he also seemingly won't die.

Politics are evil.

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