Big Monkey


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Big Monkeyis as his name goes a large oversized monkey often connected in the Monkey family tree and is the son of king kong. He is also the uncle of ookachuke and FK and the father of that unamed monkey thats allways wandering around. Who the mother is will never be known but all that is known is that him and parrot have a close relationship allmost to the point where hes gay. He first debuted in Beatly as Kurt Angles tourturer when he was in the hospital. He now resides in the fields behind Why HQ in a giant cage with parrot and likes reisding there but is sometimes let free to go run around and stuff like free animals should but doing so they are told not to go to the city but they usually dont listen and the Why gang has to pay to rebuild.

(Dont judge this picture of him thinking he's tiny, this guy is 50 feet tall)

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