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Bleh Guy, or Mr.Bleh, is the second character of The Sagas. He is the well known partner of Why Guy. He was the only one with him when they took it to the streets in Beatly. Until his life was taken by the Monsta Queen of Beatly, him and Why Guy were best friends.

But, Bleh Guy was ressurected in Book 3 by Masked boy and the random portals that seem to be flooding Beatly. It was lucky that the portal he checked out was a time machine. (Yeah it's corny, but we wanted Bleh Guy back)


The thing about Bleh Guy is the fact that he's a vampire and if you know vampires, you'd know they're thousands of fucking years old. That's thousands of fucking going on here. Think of all the little Bleh Guys that were created. Actually.... You don't have to think too hard...

Bleh Guy has an extensive family. By extensive we mean he had alot of children. It is unknown who or what he married but whoever it is does not exist in this plane anymore due to the fact that Bleh Guy hasn't had a child in 300 years.

Arriving in BeatlyEdit

Bleh Guy arrived in Beatly in the 1990's somewhere as a janitor for the Horror Gang who then owned Why HQ as it was. While that wasn't the official name for it yet as Why Guy was still a young organ collecter for Jason, Bleh Guy lived on the top floor in this extensive attic type thing called Bleh Guy's Lair. No one knows for sure what Bleh Guy does up there. In fact it's rather shady due to the fact that it's allways locked. The only thing people have ever heard from there are screams of agony.

Bleh Guy doesn't feel agony.

Monsta Queen Battle and DeathEdit

Why Guy and Bleh Guy met in Book 1 during one of Why Guy's stroll through the bowels of Twisted Cliff. At the bottom of this massive chasm, there are thousands upon thousands of freaks who survived the fall and just breed and such down there. Why Guy was sent to collect the organs of a few of them that the Horror Gang had killed when he met Bleh Guy feasting on a corpse not too far away. Intrigued, Why Guy began to eat the corpse with him and the two became great friends. Through a dynamic use of the word 'Why', Bleh Guy heard the story of Catman's evil doings alongside Big Mac in the Death Gang and recruited himself by default to the Why Gang. Somehow this meeting wasn't THAT random though as they lived in the same house. Why HQ is just so big though and since Bleh Guy hardly leaves his attic, who would ever know about him?

Catman also strolled through Twisted Cliff that day and captured the rabid Freak producing Monsta Queen. He wished for it to create an army of Freaks under his will to return the Gaurdian Blanket back to him. Needless to say, in the ensuing battle, Bleh Guy was killed by the Monsta Queen and Catman escaped. Why Guy didn't stop for a moment though and when he put on his Nike shoes, he ran like fuck into Monsta Queen's egg sack causing damage to her ass. The Queen was angered by this and flew away in a fit of rage back to Death HQ.

It was here that Why Guy felt alone once again.


Bleh Guy was revived in Book 2 through a conjunction of portals in the underworld by Masked Boy and Why Guy. It had seemed since the times had changed, Why Guy found a new friend and leader known as Masked Boy. Bleh Guy was rather hurt but this didn't stop him from fucking shit up when he wanted. In a fit of rage that day, he killed and ate George Bush Sr. who was then in his last day of office. This prompted George W. Bush to become acting president and to hold elections for awhile. Needless to say, he got 'Murrica involved in so many wars that he was impeached and kicked out of the country. Beatly was his first stop and yeah... Guess what happened.

Fuck you Bleh Guy. Fuck you.

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