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Let's be brief. The Sagas of Why Guy is a comical universe created by the Weirdonia bretheren CAN (Preston Lobzun) and CAM (Alex Martens) when they were in Grade 6. If you've ever met these two you'd know that they weren't the coolest kids on the block. While everyone concerned themselves with growing up and trying to mature, these two remained in a childlike state. To pass the time of being unliked by their peers, they doodled in a bunch of duo tangs collectively remaining as a series of "Books". These 10 books are dubbed "The Sagas of Why Guy" after the main character Why Guy was drafted. As time went on, many n

Yeah.. Prepare yourselves.

ew characters and storylines were added and continue to be added to this day. What the boys haven't found yet is a way to vent these ideas.

Sure, they have Weirdonia to write songs about but no one has really experienced it in the way it should be. What they believe is that a comic book or something is what will be the catalyst of it. Will this happen? Who knows... One thing is for certain though.

You have a lot of reading to do...


The Sagas of Why Guy is a universe of characters centered around the organized "good guy" crime syndicate, the Why Gang. After the death of their leader Why Guy, protagonists Masked Boy, Weirdo YYY, Freako, and others battle against the evil doings of the Death Gang which is led by Catman and Big Mac. The Why Gang is not only a crime syndicate but also a dysfunctional household that reflects the insanity of life that we see every day. The stories take place on the fictional islands of Beatly, Nova Scotia where the city spreads across the land masses in different sections. The city is infamous for it's high crime levels as well as it's unique breed of beings that live there including Weirdos, Freaks, and Crap. Each island has a unique style to it. For example, the Suburbs is an island that is 80% dedicated to housing the population of Beatly while Cargo Town is an island that is majorily dedicated to industrial parks, factories, and warehouses. Each island is connected by various bridges and highways except for the Weirdonia islands and Zartacla Island.

The story is often linked to the main characters of the Why Gang and the Death Gang but there are many many backstories and such among each character. We haven't even gotten to some of them yet. As time goes on, they become more detailed so please drop by once in awhile and see if any changes were made! Just check the side box thing for recent edits.

Good start pages

Timeline of The Sagas of Why Guy


List of Characters by Gang


LINKS - lololol old piczo site from like 2005-2006 - Old wiki. Some stuff pulled from here. - Weirdonia music page. like like like like

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