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Jason is one of our first characters, It's a stretch to say he was our first character for The Sagas. But he was deffinately the first character in our "mind state" of The Sagas. This means that he was the first character we thought comedically about. Along with Leatherface, Freddy, and the rest of the horror characters. Like one of our first sketches "Jason's birthday party" where Leatherface asks Jason where Freddy was, and Jason replied by saying "oh he's in the corner eating cake". And they would see Freddy eating cake in the corner eating cake in an odd, retarded, robotic way. I dunno it was funny when we first said it aloud. Which was like 2003.

Anyways back to Jason, he used to be the maniacal Jason like in his movies in The Sagas. Now in the present he's the paperwork and filemanager of Whyhq. He left the horror gang after Freddy insulted his mother and her headless ways. When he left the horror gang he left a part of him that loved to kill, but sometimes when he bottles up his emotions and holds it in for too long, he goes postal and kills everything he sees. Much like Shavo's "Black Mode". Jason is also a part time bartender with Skully at the Whyhq bar. He is forced to wear a waitress uniform because WeirdoYYY finds it funny.

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