Masked Boy
Old drawing of masked boy


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Masked boy is one of the founding fathers and pretty much leader of Whyhq. Now I said he's pretty much the leader because he does more than Why Guy ever could for the gang. Why Guy is the leader, but seeing as he can only say "Why", he's underminded by the other members. He pretty much controls everything that goes on.

Masked boy is the son of Masked boy sr. He has to be the stuart on the freak planes that drop freaks into Twisted Cliff with Freako who just sits there and eats his fellow freak's peanuts. Masked boy is the one that opens the hatch to drop all the freaks who thought they were going on a fishing trip in Ireland.

Masked boy is an ex-wrestler. He quit wrestling when he nearly killed man in the ring.

Writer's note (Masked boy): This has to be one of my favourate characters in the sagas, mostly since him being the father figure I can incorporate him into a lot of akward scenes. He's a exceptionally fun character to manipulate. Like John.

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