Weirdo culture divides each weirdo into a specific class. Queen Weirdo B produces eggs frequently and depending on the food she eats, determines what batch of Weirdo she will create for the day. Below is a list of each class and a brief overview of each one.


Main Article: Brown Weirdos

Native Weirdos or "old Colony" Weirdos who live above surface on the Weirdo Islands. They are unique because they breed on their own will as Weirdo B refuses to make them anymore because they are reffered to as "savages". Brown weirdos find it difficult to integrate with normal Weirdo societies so they live on reserves above ground or in forested enclaves in the Three Creeks Conservation Area.


Main Article: White Weirdos

These are the rich, white collar citizens of Weirdonia. Often privileged businessmen that work outside of Weirdonia securing businesses from the humans. They work closely with Red and Deep Blue Weirdos in power terms.


Main Article: Orange Weirdos

Orange Weirdos typically resemble low class welfare based Weirdos. Since Weirdo B and the White Weirdos need someone to bitch about in order to look legitimate, they create Orange Weirdos and force them into poverty by stripping them of their rights. The Orange weirdos are often blinded by this however and do not rise against it. Hell, some of them support it.

Sky BlueEdit

Main Article: Sky Blue Weirdos See also: Weirdo YYY

These are your average Weirdos. Blue collar workers that often are in factories producing junk to sell to humans. Their rights are at best average and hold no political will whatsoever. They also enjoy Bruce Springsteen.


Main Article: Purple Weirdos See also: Weirdo CAN and Weirdo CAM

These are your hipster, artistic, cultural weirdos. Often engaging in music, cooking, painting, filming, etc. They are produced to develop culture within Weirdonia but are seen as shit tier by the Yellow and White Weirdos because they apparently contribute nothing. One odd exception to this class was Weirdo CLARKE who went insane and began terrorizing the Weirdonian republic under his purple skin and large metal cranium. No one knows exactly what went wrong but Yellow Weirdos are developing on it.

Deep BlueEdit

Main Article: Deep Blue Weirdos

These Weirdos are the local enforcement of Weirdonia. They are the "bacon" as reffered to by Black Weirdos. They enjoy catching crimminals of Weirdonia and anyone of the Orange, Brown, and Black breed.


Main Article: Green Weirdos

These Weirdos are bred for combat. They serve immediately in the Armed Forces of Weirdonia to defend it's borders. They can fight like no other weirdo and are the only breed to actually have an inverted body.


Main Article: Yellow Weirdos

These weirdos are scientists and mathematicians. They are extremely good with numbers and work for the betterment of medicine and general well being of Weirdos everywhere. They can be somewhat elitist but otherwise an essential to the development of Weirdonian society. They also like anime.


Main Article: Red Weirdos

Red Weirdos are specifically designated as the Royal Weirdos. Basically this includes Weirdo A-Z and nothing more. They are an exclusive class like the Brown and Black Weirdos as they are not produced by Weirdo B. These Weirdos only reside to control their people in the monarchy. Weirdos in line for the monarchy go up to Weirdo Z. It is unknown what happens once he dies since Weirdos aren't excellent planners. They reign over every other Weirdo class and often times enjoy supreme power. They are also the only Weirdos whos legs don't shrink as they grow leaving them to be the tallest weirdo class.


Main Article: Black Weirdos

These are often outcasted Weirdos. They are what you would call an "accident". Sometimes when Weirdo B doesn't get the right amount of protein, she gives birth to these black individuals. They are free thinkers, rationalists, and often critical and/or violent. They are cast away from society but never dissapear and are seen frequently at riots and Deep Blue Weirdo demonstrations. Their views impact Weirdonian society often times in their politics but are unheard of in Weirdonian Parliament. They are responsible for bombing incidents and such against authority and elite figures. No one knows exactly where to find them except other Black Weirdos. Some are known to shoot fire from their ass as well.

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