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Weirdo YYY is a main charecter in the Sagas of Why Guy series. Weirdo YYY was born on the Weirdo Homeplanet other wise known as Planet X around sometime in the 70's somewhere. Late 70's he was given the order on behalf of Weirdo A himself to become the general scout of the planet earth. He took the wrong shuttle though and it took him at least a year or two to get to earth but we know for sure he arrived in the 80's. Seeing how he loved earth's 80's phase, he lived there over time and built an island in the middle of the Beatley rivers named the Weirdonia Islands. Constructing of water bottles, sand, and pallets to help keep it afloat, he lived there until the Canadian government occupied the island in the Weirdo-Human War and sent him to his doom at Twisted Cliff. Fearing for his life after being thrown out he used his Weirdonian skills to drift him over a bit just enough so he can land in Masked Boy's truck just enough to convince him to join the Why Gang.
Weirdo now resides in Why HQ being a CEO of the Weird AID company that has made trillions of dollars in revenue. He uses this money to bribe Masked Boy into keeping a job at Twisted Cliff so that if any bretheren meet the same fate as he allmost did he would be able to save them.

Early Life on Weirdian

As per procedure, Weirdo YYY was born in the 1970's to Queen Weirdo B and lived his life in the Sky Blue Weirdo Class. While not being a Green Weirdo, he couldn't fullfill his dreams of being in the Weirdonian Army but he was given a pass to become a scout on Earth for the Weirdo race. He underwent a massive training class and eventually graduated as a General Scout which is very high ranking in the Weirdonian military. Just as he was readying to depart for Earth on a high jacked Russian Space Ship, the Weirdo Homeplanet came under attack from the Lowdawodas which sparked the Weirdonian-Lowdawoda War.

Weirdonian-Lowdawoda War

The conflict broke out in late 1979 just as Weirdo was organizing himself on the shuttle. Before he left, he was given orders by King Weirdo A to develop a land mass in the crime ridden city state known as Beatly. The reason why they chose this place was because of it's remote location and unique breed of races living there. They figured that if humans can cooperate with vile races like Freaks then Weirdos shouldn't be a problem. Since the Freak Crisis of 1966, the relations between the two have improved drasticly and the Weirdos were planning an attack on the humans anyways.

While the War raged on, Weirdo began to drink alot of water bottles and bought alot of sand. He also regularly broke into pallet factories and stole shitloads of stuff. When he gained enough materials, he hijacked a large ship and with the help of comrades Weirdo YTY and Weirdo CLARK, they built the Weirdonia Islands just in time before the utter Destruction of Weirdian in 1983. The destruction happened because the Weirdos became overwhelmed by the Lowdawoda Forces and they figured blowing it up wouldn't have any serious planetary effects for Earth. Little did they know that it not only sent alot of fucking astroids along with them but it also screwed up Beatly's climate. (Canada suffered from massive climate change and actually became a permanent tundra with the exception of Beatly.) This significant event embarked thousands of fugees from Canada and Weirdian to Beatly and the Weirdonia Islands. It is one of the reasons why even though the Beatly Islands are a huge land mass, it is incredibly overcrowded. The Weirdo Fugee Crisis was a prime reason as well why the Under Dome of Weirdonia was built.

The war ended in 1983 when Lowdawodas became a shit tier species and only thrived in the praries of Lemmington in the West corner of the Suburbs Island.

Weirdo-Human War

After the Big Drip of 87' happened, Weirdos once again began to live in the ghettos of Beatly much to the distain of the local residents. As sectarian attacks against Weirdo neighbourhoods began to spring up, Weirdonians under Weirdo CLARKE formed a radical paramilitary group known as Badass Weirdonian People's Army also known as the BWPA to defend it's communities. Weirdo YYY during this time was arrested for being formally connected to CLARKE and sent to his death over Twisted Cliff where he was to meet his end with other Weirdos and Freaks. These events are known as the Non Human Holocaust.

Meet with Masked Boy

As Weirdo was constrained by the neck and released into the air to his death, he used his special Weirdonian powers to drift onto the land mass into a pickup truck owned by off duty Twisted Cliff Pilot, Masked Boy. It was noted by Masked Boy in this excerpt about his meeting with Weirdo.

"I was in my truck eating my peanut butter sandwhich when all of the sudden I heard a huge fucking bang. I was like 'what the fuck?' then jumped out to go check. I saw this black eyed blue thing known as Weirdo YYY sitting there smiling at me. God that was a creepy smile. I knew what I had to do but I didn't do it. I couldn't bring myself to shooting him because I knew that if I did my luck says he surely wouldn't die and he would just rip my nuts off. No, instead I shook his tenticle, fed him pie, and brought him back to Why HQ. I really wish I didn't. I wish I drove my truck off the fucking cliff that day. It woulda saved me all this physical pain."

"I shouldn't have been eating that sandwhich. I don't even like peanut butter."

Weirdo apparently was grateful of this masked man/boy. At least until he figured out he was the child of Masked Boy Sr. who was known to be a target for King Weirdo A's pleasure. This was when the carnage began and Weirdo became a full time member of the Why Gang.

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