The bretheren rocking da fuck out.

Years Active:



Beatly, Nova Scotia, Suburbs Sector


Garage Punk, Alternative Metal, Noise, Experimental, Folk


Why Gang Records

Associated Acts:

SOAP, The Sagas of Why Guy, The Noisepickers, Anti-Freeze, Captain Doofus, DJ Feelayfeelay, Trajectory, Aurelia.



Weirdo CAN and Weirdo CAM

Weirdonia is a Garage Punk band from Beatly. Two Purple Weirdos known as Weirdo CAN and Weirdo CAM formed this band in 2009 at CAM's cottage getaway in the north Suburbs. The two previously played together in outsider rock band SOAP and garage rock band The Sagas of Why Guy before dissolving those two and becoming insanely famous with Weirdonia. The two create blends of music that has never been heard before on Beatly radio stations. CAN plays the drums, synth, and occasional backing vocals while CAM plays guitars, bass, and vocals. The two have won numerous Granny Awards in 2010 for their hot selling Jarritolum EP and Mulch! Bulch! EP. They are working currently on a new album after their first one leaked and was bootlegged by black Weirdo pirates.

Formation (2009)Edit

SOAP came to a dramatic end in 2009 when they released their first and last music video mashup. It was basically all their hits from day one into one big 10 minute song. The duo figured this is a good way to end an era of Outsider Rock and dissolved the band and reformed as Weirdonia after their homeland. Initially, they tried to be very experimental. CAM was writing weird ass songs and CAN was doing electronic music as Captain Doofus. During the 2009 year they released the Weirdonia EP, I Feel Like a Spider EP, Al Bhed Single, and the Micro Sampler EP.

The end of 2009 also featured The Sagas of Why Guy reuniting for a show in Downtown Beatly. This small show attracted a large crowd however and some Weirdonia songs were played that night to a roaring fan base that loves them.

Growth (2010)Edit

After a 3 month hiatus, The duo returned to do a few demo tapes in the ensuing month and came out with a fresh batch of kick ass songs. They released the I Like... Sampler as a teaser to the release of the Jarritolum EP and then went on to record more EPs that year. By November they had played the Weirdonian SIlver Dome and were attracting a large following in Beatly. Since the demand for an album was so high, they began to work on one. In November they produced a tentative self titled album but it leaked before the real thing was released. Damn Black Weirdos pirating shit.

Present (2011)Edit

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