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Why guy is the character that started The Sagas of Why Guy with his constant annoyance and destruction of the notorious Monsta Queen after the first death of Bleh Guy. Why Guy was a short lived character that makes occasional appearances in our new unwritten skits. Although he no longer matters as much, we cannot change the name of The Sagas because he started the whole thing.

If you're unclear as to why Why Guy started it, Here is the low down.
1. Why Guy was funny, he brought comedy to our drawings for the first time.
2. Why Guy had a vampire as a partner, known as Bleh Guy.
3. A duo opened up a bunch of opportunity for stories. ex. death of Bleh Guy.
4. If there was two, why not three? Masked boy was created.

There are many other reasons why The Sagas got to where they are, (like drawing people wrong, and ending up with a freaking weird man, this is how Weirdos were created), and random saying that lead to characters, Neerman, and Justignorit)

Early LifeEdit

Why Guy was born in 1985 in the Central Suburb Hospital For Washed Up Losers in Beatly, Nova Scotia. His parents remain unknown and anonymous to the Why Gang which is the organization he founded and created during his teenage years in the 1990s. The only person from his early childhood that he remembers is Doc who delivered him as a child.

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